Survey Test


30 September 2010

Do you run? or go to the gym?

Now I would like to tell you about these headphones. I am an ipod fan and use to love my ipod for running but I recently fried my ipod while getting caught in the rain. Ok so since that is out of the way I need to tell you about these awesome behind the head earbud headphone/mp3 player combo. The sony walkman NW 252's are super lightweight. The only thing I could feel on these things was the bud in my ear. They are water resistant and sweatproof. They suggest washing them lightly in a bowl of water if they get grimy from sweat and dirt. I took a shower with mine a few times just to test them out in rain and now I have to keep from taking them to the shower because good headphones that wont sizzle when you take a shower with them? AWESOME SHOWER TIME. And charging these suckers is FAST on a 3 hour charge you will get about 11 hours of listening and on a quick 3 minute charge you can get atleast 90 minutes But if your in the market for a new mp3 player or just headphone I would definitely try these out for 50 bucks

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