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22 September 2010

Smoke cigarettes?

Ok I know its gross and all that jazz and everyone should quit bla bla bla. I am here to tell you I smoke and I do so spending very little money on my smokes. If you have 10 minutes a day to roll or "make" your own smokes and like a filter instead of rollies then I will share with you what other are already doing. For the last few months I have been using a rolling machine A monkeyThis is the rolling machine I use. Now the tobacco and tubes you use is all up to you. I personally use cheap largo tobacco and on occasion a nice bali shag or amsterdam shag. Too each his own on these things tubes are also almost all the same you cant go wrong with any brand that I have found so far. But getting to the meat and potatoes of the post are that yes i did spend around 60$ on the first 200 cigarettes made I now only spend about 12-15 dollars a carton and only spend about 10 minutes a day making a pack of smokes. The best part isnt even the money i save on the whole deal its the fact I havent "ran out" of smokes in months never those quick trips to pick up a pack of smokes because I forgot I was low. There is also th added perk of making 20 joints in a matter of 10 minutes, perfect joints. some people will even give me cash and a bag to make a pack for them! Hand rollers are shit dont buy them get a decent machine and you wont be disappointed!

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