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30 October 2010

29 October 2010


So Im sitting here high thinking about how awesome it would be to have a sweet roll from golden corral. Have you had these rolls? they are AMAZING. So as I am thinking about this I found myself using that new google feature to see if anyone else loves these rolls or knows how they make them so tasty. BAM!noticed Found it. I now have something to do Sunday. make these and give them to a few friends during a movie or video game session. So I then bookmarked the page and sent a reminder to my phone that I had the recipe. Browsed around on the site for a minute since I do enjoy cooking, and decided to join. Started filling out the form when all of a sudden I noticednoticed something a bit odd near my cursor.

20 October 2010

Racist Field Trip


Favorite Band/Artist of all time?

Hey people here is your chance to post your favorite artist of all time. There is a new radio station starting up and if you would like to hear your artist featured on the station just leave a comment listing yours! All Artist will be considered and its a first come first serve from supporters of my Blog. Thanks for all your input!

17 October 2010

Tips from an old guy.

A few weeks ago an old man shared his secret to winning scratch off tickets. I know its lame that I even thought to use his information since everyone knows that scratch of games are a rip off.
Well he told me that I should never but the one dollar scratch off cards and never buy them if they have sold more than 20 on that roll. The one dollar cards never get good winnings and they have winners fewer times. They are the ones that the consumer will buy once in a while for shits and giggles.
Well I took his advice and though what the shit? I will take one of your newest 2 dollar scratch off lovely gas clerk lady. Suprized when I stepped outside to light a smoke and scratch that sucker off. I won 10 bucks! happy that I got a free pack of smokes and some change I asked for 2 more of the same ticket since they only sold 5 on that card and the old geezer was right so I began to test his theory out of 3 cards that night I spent 6 dollars. I went home with 9 dollars more than what I left with and a pack of smokes! Over the past 2 months i have been keeping track of earnings made for this old mans secret and I have spent a little under 200 dollars and "won" a few dollars over 350. Now dont go out and be "that guy" at 711 and spend your paycheck on scratch off tickets because I wont give a shit when you bawl about how I am an asshole for this and that.

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16 October 2010

Back at it.

My social life got kinda hectic so I had to take some time away from posting for a bit but Im back and want to adress linkbucks again. The earning you get from them is useless I am sorry for anyone who followed my advise and I will no longer be using them. Thanks for your input and support. LULZ Hectic in a good way. partdy hardty

07 October 2010

Anyone not currently using LinkBucks

Hey linkbucks give you a good amout of change not nearly as much as adsence but everything counts right?
Please use my referral and sign up I have made a few extra dollars off the site and it send your pay directly to paypal which is a plus. Thanks

Look at these Wallets mang


06 October 2010

Thought about playing again

Private servers
The way this works is through private servers. A private server is a server seperate from Blizzard and is hosted by another indivudal . Private servers require have no sign up fee, mothly payment, or requirements. It's free to join and play.

There are several kinds of private servers.

Blizzlike: This type of private server offers experience and item drop rates similar to Blizzard servers. Blizzlike servers include working instances, raids, pvp, quests, tradeskills, and often battlegrounds. They also have up to date content or are only a patch behind Blizzard servers. If you enjoy Blizzard Servers, but want to play for free, this may be the server for you.
High-Rate: This kind of private server offers increased experience and item drop rates. High-rates also include working instance, raids, pvp, quests, tradeskills, and often battlegrounds. Some High-rates also offer PvP everywhere and teleporter NPCs. If you enjoy Blizzard servers but would like to level faster and get more drops, this may be the server for you.
Fun: Fun servers offer the most freedom to players, leveling to 70 is instant and Teleporter NPCs making traveling easy. They often contain custom content, such as items, quests, zones, and instances as well as events hosted by GMs. In addition they often have item malls with a wide variety of weapons, armor, mounts, and tradeskills items. If would like to experience everything World of Warcraft has to offer without spending months of time, this may be the server for you.
Multiple servers: Some private servers even offer multiple types of servers all under the same provider. These can be the best because you can log onto different types of servers while still using the same user name/password.

05 October 2010

Take a minute and read.

OK so this was a jewtube video but the video was removed. show some love read and click and I will check out your blog and do the same!

[0:00] [...] the most racist field trip I have ever been on in my entire fucking life.
[0:03] They took us to a fuckin' cotton processing place, and there was a big-ass cotton field out in the middle of fuckin' raymond alabama, in the south of montgomery county.
[0:13] We went there, and me, and 28 other little niglets in Miss Harper's third-grade classroom, they took our asses out there, in the middle of the fuckin' august heat, and said "Hey, y'all ..."
[0:22] They gave us bags and shit, had little cute little plastic bags, with a cute - with a cotton puff person with a smile on his face, and they were like "Hey, y'all go out there, have fun, pick as much cotton as you want".
[0:35] And so my stupid ass went, you know, I went, my Mama signed off on it and and didn't think about it, and I went to the fuckin' field trip. I was in the fields just havin' a good ol' time.
[0:45] We were singin' songs and shit, out in the middle of the motherfuckin' field, picking goddamn cotton, in the middle of the fuckin' heat, and here I'm thinking: because it's a field trip, they told us you can pick as much as you want, hey, you get to keep the fuckin' cotton. You can keep it.
[1:00] So I was like "Yeah, I'm gonna keep it" and we go to get back on the bus and they're like "Okay kids, turn your bags in", and they take our asses inside, and took all the damn cotton that we had, and then told us to get back on the fuckin' bus.
[1:12] So me, being a little rebel, I took a little handful of cotton, stuffed it in my pocket, and went home.
[1:17] Then, my Mama came, and when she was doin' laundry the next night, she was like "what the fuck, is this cotton in your back pocket?" - I was like "Yeah" - "Where the hell did you get unprocessed cotton from?" - "Well, yesterday on that field trip they took us to a cotton processing plant and we got to pick cotton all day long."
[1:39] My Mama came to the school and - I swear to god - that shit went down. She locked this woman in a room, like "How dare you jive-ass motherfuckers take my kid and all these other ashy li'l negroes to a fuckin' cotton field in the middle of the summer. You fuckin' soulless bitch."
[2:00] She fuckin' checked me outta school, I didn't go to school for three days behind that shit. She said "I don't want to have to look at that bitch". She was pissed at everybody.
[2:10] Yes. That was the most racist shit I have ever gone through in my life. I didn't even understand what was wrong until the next year. I didn't even understand.
[2:18] I just thought we were gonna go have some fun, in the field. So fuck that shit. That was fuckin' sharecropping if I've ever seen it. Shit.

I wonder why it was removed.

01 October 2010

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