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17 October 2010

Tips from an old guy.

A few weeks ago an old man shared his secret to winning scratch off tickets. I know its lame that I even thought to use his information since everyone knows that scratch of games are a rip off.
Well he told me that I should never but the one dollar scratch off cards and never buy them if they have sold more than 20 on that roll. The one dollar cards never get good winnings and they have winners fewer times. They are the ones that the consumer will buy once in a while for shits and giggles.
Well I took his advice and though what the shit? I will take one of your newest 2 dollar scratch off lovely gas clerk lady. Suprized when I stepped outside to light a smoke and scratch that sucker off. I won 10 bucks! happy that I got a free pack of smokes and some change I asked for 2 more of the same ticket since they only sold 5 on that card and the old geezer was right so I began to test his theory out of 3 cards that night I spent 6 dollars. I went home with 9 dollars more than what I left with and a pack of smokes! Over the past 2 months i have been keeping track of earnings made for this old mans secret and I have spent a little under 200 dollars and "won" a few dollars over 350. Now dont go out and be "that guy" at 711 and spend your paycheck on scratch off tickets because I wont give a shit when you bawl about how I am an asshole for this and that.

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