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23 December 2014

Full Charge in 3mins in CARS!

Tesla, Tesla Model S, Tesla Supercharger network, Tesla battery swap, battery swap, electric motor, lithium-ion battery, green car, green transportation
Last year, Tesla announced plans for a new battery swap technology that would give Model Sowners the ability to replace their depleted battery with a fully charged one in less time than it takes to fill a gas tank. Tesla is now ready to launch a pilot version of that technology, and it’ll kick off in Harris Ranch, CA.
Tesla, Tesla Model S, Tesla Supercharger network, Tesla battery swap, battery swap, electric motor, lithium-ion battery, green car, green transportation
The battery swap pilot program is intended to test the technology and see how much demand there actually is for it. Tesla says that initially, the swap will only be available by appointment and “will cost slightly less than a full tank of gasoline for a premium sedan.” The battery swap will take about three minutes to complete, since more time is needed to remove the titanium and hardened aluminum ballistic plates that now shield the battery pack.
Tesla predicts that in the future, the battery swap will take less than a minute as the program becomes more automated. During the pilot program, Tesla says that it will evaluate relative demand from customers for the paid battery pack swap, versus free charging via the Supercharger network.
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02 December 2014


Make me laugh with a picture or video!

Winner will be choosen by the end of the day (11:59pm) and will be awarded by Dec. 8th 2014!

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15 November 2014

Lisa Simpson

Sorry for neglecting your posts in mind as well for the past few days everybody that commented with their email will now be added to a Most Frequent Users List at the bottom of each post, the more you post higher on the scale you'll get! I will be updating it weekly so please keep us informed of what you're doing!

13 November 2014

Just another reason to love the beasty boys!

What is your site url in plain text?
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10 November 2014


<b>Hey there recnt followers! Ill be checking your page EVERDAY so be sure to keep it updated!

09 November 2014

Can anyone name this car?
This is a nutella cheesecake, that is all. What Is Your Favorite CHEESECAKE?!
Found a new song I enjoy today. How do you like it? .

17 October 2014

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So Here is so a new post you info hungry fools! Did you know snap bracelets were made of recycled tape measures?!

14 October 2014

I dont really have anything new to blog about besides being a broke father (wanna donate?) So here is a picture of a waxy type hylighter.

03 September 2014

ISIS on border of USA

Please watch this video and do a bit of research on the subject. please prepare yourself.

01 September 2014

So this guy cut a hole in his fender just to get a kitten out. some fine people are going to pay for his repair!

21 August 2014

Drugs are bad. m'kay? watch this video for more!

12 August 2014

yo dawgs

Here a new post for us! I had a baby so looks like I'm going to have to start saving moneyz.

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